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Rich Gold (Richard Goldstein) of Menlo Park died in his sleep on January 9, 2003.
Born on June 24, 1950, he received a B.A. from SUNY-Albany,
and an M.F.A. from Mills College.

Rich Gold was a digital artist, inventor, cartoonist, composer,
lecturer and inter-disciplinary researcher. He was a provocative
speaker who lectured throughout the world on the future of the book,
the nature of engineering, creativity, innovation and
Evocative Knowledge Objects (EKOs).

He is survived by his wife, Marina LaPalma, son, Henry Chase Goldstein;
his parents, Herbert and Phyllis Goldstein of Buffalo, NY;
his sisters, Patti of Oakland, CA, Judy of Buffalo, NY,
Anne (Peter) Goergen of Allegany, NY, and his brother
Andrew (Patty) of Buffalo, NY, and four nieces and nephew,
and a creative community that spans the globe.

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Plenitude Study Group

Rich at work some ZombieBoard images of Rich from PARC

Memorial Service, Monday January 13, 2003